The ball game boasts a thousand-year history and incredible popularity around the world. The roots of modern football go back to the distant past, archeologists from time to time find some kind of evidence of the existence of such a game in different parts of our planet, but it is in England, starting from the XII century, there is a gradual registration of the game into a set of rules and regulations. English football was initially a festive game by two teams from different villages, in which players defended the honor of their home settlement. In those days, the players did not have any special rules, the ball could be served either with their feet or with their hands, and the places for playing the ball were not specifically regulated: they could be either extensive shopping areas or narrow medieval streets. Later this game only gained popularity.

They began to play football in almost all cities of England. At the same time the number of players could reach even a hundred people! The game was quite dynamic and sometimes cruel. Players in the heat could accidentally destroy not very strong buildings or cripple rivals. Many historians claim that the action looked more than daunting. So much so that some foreigners considered such a game to be nothing more than a fight and tried to escape from the battlefield as quickly as possible. It is not surprising that such a game very soon caused discontent on the part of the feudal lords and the church. After all, in addition to sports interest, cohesive groups of people often expressed disagreeable thoughts. And soon, thanks to the special efforts of church ministers, in 1389 by King Richard II, football was banned throughout the kingdom. So that the population did not have the desire to disobey – the death penalty was imposed by the death penalty. Deprived of their favorite game, the British for a long time petitioned the kings to lift the ban, but they were constantly rejected.

To understand all the intricacies of English football, you need to understand how its structure is arranged. For an uninformed person is not immediately clear what distinguishes the “old” first division from just the first, or why the Championship has recently been capitalized, and what kind of Conference it is.Now English football is the most popular team game. In England, there are over 150 football clubs. And the countries of the United Kingdom regularly hold friendly matches, preferring to solve controversial moments on the field of the game of football, like many centuries ago.The English Premier League is formed of such outstanding and world-famous teams as Leeds United, Swansea City, Blackburn Rovers, Stoke City, Norwich City, Rotherham United, Reading FC, Bristol Cityand others. Many of these teams represent their city.Since 1992, the Premier League has been formed in England – a football league of professionals, in which 20 teams compete, including some from Wales. The championship is held from August to May, the official sponsor is Barclay Bank therefore the league is called the Barclays Premier League.The most popular clubs in the English Premier League today are Manchester City and Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool. Below we very briefly describe each club.

What is special about English Championship?

EFLChampionship has been played in England since the 1960/61 season, traditionally bears the name of the title sponsor – since 2012 it has been the Capital One Cup. Unlike the FA Cup only members of the Football League (including Championship, League 1 and League 2) as well as the Premier League take part in the tournament. Traditionally played from August to February, the winner gets a ticket to the UEFA Europa League. If the winner of the League Cup is the team that won the ticket to the Champions League, then the place in the Europa League gets the best team in the Premier League, which failed to break into the European Cup (usually sixth place).

At each stage of Sky Bet Championship, except for the semi-finals, one match is played, in the event of a draw in which extra time is assigned with possible penalty fights. Semifinals are held in two matches (at home and away), and if the score is equal by the sum of two matches, goals scored in a foreign field are not taken into account, but simply additional time is assigned. Moreover, if in the extra time the winner will not be revealed, then already scored goals scored in a foreign field. In case of equality, a penalty shootout is awarded. Initially, the finals consisted of two matches, but from the 1966/67 season, the founders of football decided to play one meeting, which was to be held at London’s Wembley Stadium. However, the experiments did not end there either, since instead of the penalty shoot-out series, replays were repeatedly appointed. Since the creation of the League Cup repeatedly changed its name, taking the name of its current sponsor.

Premier League clubs come to grips with the third round of the tournament, with the exception of those teams that represent England in European competition. They begin their journey from the fourth round. The winner of the League Cup gets 100 thousand pounds of prize money, the finalist – two times less. For comparison – the winner of the FA Cup earns two million pounds. It is not uncommon for big clubs to opt for reserve teams for the League Cup matches, obviously giving preference to other tournaments. However, the League Cup has a rich history, not to mention that this is a valuable trophy that will adorn the museum of any club.

Elite club

The task, perhaps, of each team in the Championship is getting into the top six. Compared to the Premier League, the competition is several times higher. In a year, a team can turn from an obvious outsider into a contender for the championship, and vice versa. The current season is rife with similar climbs and falls. But there is one club that stands apart – this is Cardiff City. The Welsh team is fit to give any award from the UEFA or the Football Federation of England “For the will to win.” Also “Cardiff” can safely get the nickname “iron” or “inflexible”, which characterizes the club better than their historical “swallows”. Three consecutive years, “Cardiff City” went into the playoffs and each time the Welsh stopped a step away from the Premier League. In Wales, no one doubted that Cardiff City would be the first team in the Premier League, but while the “swallows” were tormented in the playoffs, Swansea broke into the elite of British football from the first attempt and for a couple of years makes a serious rustle. Usually, after three knockdowns, the boxer does not rise, but there are those who would rather die than surrender, and Cardiff City is from such teams. This season, having changed the historical blue color to red, the “swallows” finally managed to climb up to the first position, on which they, most likely, will finish the season. After forty rounds, Cardiff City is ahead of Hull City by five points, having the game in store. The Welsh slowed down a bit at the finish line, but even such a temporary recession should not prevent the Malki team from winning the tournament.

In the second position is “Hull City”, which recently played in the Premier League. After the dismissal of Phil Brown, who failed to keep the team in the elite, the “tigers” could not find their game. Ian Dowie, Nigel Pearson, Nick Barmbi – none of these coaches failed to return the “Hull” that game, which allowed him to be in the Premier League. Everything changed with the arrival of experienced Steve Bruce, who in just a year turned the middle city’s Hull City into one of the favorites of the season. So far, “Hull City” has not yet secured a comfortable end of the season in second position, but judging by the recent matches, Bruce’s wards are unlikely to miss their direct ticket to the Premier League.

“Hornets”, from which hardly anyone expected such a breakthrough this season, have practically guaranteed a place in the six, but they, of course, want to get a direct ticket. It is surprising that “Watford”, having a very average composition even by the standards of the Championship, began to play so convincingly with the arrival of Gianfranco Zola. An Italian specialist, who did not start his career in England at West Ham very well, was revealed in a completely different light. Zola got a shot from his team of great dedication, which “Watford” demonstrates in almost every match. I note a very competent transfer policy of the Hornets. The team made a bet on the rental of players, especially generously with “Watford” shared “Udinese,” who lent six players to his compatriot at once. The reason is simple – the owner of the team Gino Pozzo, originally from Udine, and in addition to the “red-yellow” English team owns “Udinese”. Naturally, if “Watford” will be able to go to the Premier League, rented players here will not manage and the team will need serious gain. Are the “hornets” to such spending – is still unknown.

In addition to the “Watford” in the playoff zone are “Crystal Palace”, “Nottingham Forest” and “Brighton”. And here we are talking not just about progress, but about a tremendous step forward. Judge for yourself, Crystal Palace last season finished seventeenth (!), Nottingham Forest fought for survival until the last rounds and finished the season nineteenth (!!!), and only the tenth position of Brighton looks more or less decent. All three teams are typical English fighters who bite into the lawn from the first minutes. Is that the team Gus Poyet stands out against their background. “Brighton” is considered one of the most elegant clubs in the Championship. A Uruguayan specialist who recently played for Chelsea and Tottenham, inculcated incredible tactical training for the gulls. During the four years of working with the team, Poyet is closer than ever to entering the Premier League. It is no coincidence that Gus was always named among the applicants for vacancies in the teams of the Premier League. Who knows, if a Uruguayan manages to bring “Brighton” to the elite, maybe next season he will be coaching some famous club.

A little bit of history

Following England, their football associations created the rest of Britain – Scotland, Wales and Ireland. And there and organized their cups. These tournaments were open, clubs from other regions could participate in them. Our urchin – “Nottingham Forest” – ripened everywhere – struggled for all four cups, however, without much success. The Scottish “Queens Park” twice came close to the FA Cup, but both times lost in the final and returned to Glasgow empty-handed.

The main advantage of the Cup, and its main drawback, was the scheme – a game for departure. Losers had to take something by themselves, and in the middle of the 80s of the XIX century the idea of ​​holding the championship appeared. The main generator of ideas was the famous tailor, part-time director of Aston Villa, William McGregor. It was he who invented the very “bicycle” – the formula of the championship. Clubs hold two matches between themselves – at home and away. The winner gets two points, in case of a tie, the opponents are awarded points. The one who scores the most points is the champion. Just like all brilliant. On March 2, 1888, MacGregor wrote and sent letters to his colleagues from other clubs. Not everyone liked the idea of ​​a Birmingham tailor. Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, several other clubs considered McGregor’s delusional idea and ignored an invitation to get together at the Anderson Hotel in London. Nevertheless, on March 23, 1888 the meeting nevertheless took place and ended with the adoption of a historic decision – to be the England Championship.

In addition, the Premier League has reached agreements on the sale of television broadcasts, and money flowed like a river. The clubs of the English League swallowed drooling envy of the elite, the difference in income grew and grew. Some rapidly “fattened”, others with difficulty making ends meet. The oldest of the existing clubs, Notts County, almost went bankrupt, even UNESCO took it under its protection. The situation improved in 2005, when the English League took the path of the Premier League and found a rich sponsor, and with broadcasts the question was decided in its favor.

Participants: Sheffield United and others

Bundesliga can be held in two rounds. Ligue 1 – to zero. La Liga – at six (before – at two). In Serie A, a bunch of characters from the TV series “The Walking Dead”, but the alignment does not change: “Juve” in the top, “Roma” and “Napoli” play for second place, “Inter” and “Milan” suffer. Portugal and Holland are championships that only scouts watch in Europe.

In England, everything is different: six clubs (Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham) guarantee 30 cool matches for nine months. If you throw away the “spurs”, the cash games will be 20, if you fasten Leicester – 42. There is no such devilish competition anywhere, so the British will merge European cups.The English Premier League consists of such teams that have been able to win national recognition. Among such playing teams Bolton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic, Brentford Fc, Derby County Fc, Birmingham City, Ipswich Town and Preston North End should be distinguished. The following teams have forever become part of English football: Queens Park Rangers, Middlesborough Fc and Milwall Fc.

What is cooler for Tottenham: for the first time, bypass Wenger and, possibly, Leicester or win the Europa League, originally furnished as a loser trophy? It is clear that the first. For City, the opposite is true: Pellegrini led the club to the Champions League semi-final, because for the first time in three seasons, he was able to relax in the Premier League.A long-standing confrontation has been fought between Manchester United and Manchester City, another old club that has been leading since 1880. Manchester City is also a very successful football club, with many awards in its account: Champions of England, winners of the FA Cup, FA Cup, England Super Cup, FA Cup and much more. In the late 2000s, the football club was acquired by the Abu Dhabi United Group, which invests heavily in the development of the team. Home Stadium – Etihad (Etihad) – located in Manchester.

Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal), London is another successful Premier League club, founded in 1886. Among the achievements: 13-time champion of England, 11-time winner of the FA Cup. According to Forbes magazine, in 2014, it ranks 5th in the ranking of the most expensive football clubs in the world. In the 2008-2013 seasons, our compatriot Andrei Arshavin played for the football club. Home Stadium – Emirates in London.Among the awards and victories, the most significant are all three UEFA Cups: the UEFA Cup Winners Cup, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Super Cup. Only four football clubs managed to achieve a similar success – this, in addition to Chelsea, football clubs Juventus, Ajax, Bavaria. Since 2003, the club is owned by Roman Abramovich – a Russian businessman, as well as a former governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Region. Home Stadium is Stamford Bridge, Fulham (London).

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EFL Championship