EFL League 1: teams

Wycombe Wanderers, Peterborough United, Bradford City, Shrewsbury Town FC, Fleetwood Town FC, Gillingham FC – doyou recognize them? YES, these are EFL League one’ teams. English football is one of the most spectacular in the world, if not the most. We love it for its unpredictability, passions and a storm of emotions.

Portsmouth FC

Founded in 1898, Portsmouth FC made its way to the top division by 1927. In the 49th and 50th years, he twice became the champion of England. Then, “Portsmouth” was a long period of failure – the club went down even to the fourth division. The situation changed by the end of the 90s: a rich new owner, an American businessman of Serbian descent Milan Mandarich, spent more than 25 million pounds on the team. In March 2002, an experienced Harry Redknapp became a senior trainer. Before the new season, famous Teddy Sheringham (who is already 37) and a number of famous players came to Portsmouth – midfielders Faie (Senegal) and Berger (Czech Republic), defenders DejanStefanovich (Serbia) and Boris Zivkovic (Croatia). Nevertheless, Redknapp is not very optimistic and says that the club lacks top-class players to play in the Premier League.

Sunderland AFC – the history

It was important for the club to thank their loyal fans by depicting landscapes close to their hearts on their coat of arms. Thus, the shield is divided into four equal parts, two of which depict the outlines of the symbols of the native edge. The team, founded by school teacher James Allan, began its long and thorny journey on October 17, 1879. He called his team the “Sunderland District End Tichers”, and as the name implies, the team consisted exclusively of teachers. The first official game of the team was held on November 13, 1880 against Ferrichill Athletic. But then you involuntarily begin to think about the meaning of the numbers, because this day was an unsuccessful beginning of the club’s way to victory, they lost it with the score 1: 0. James Alan didn’t like this idea; he leaves the team and becomes the founder of the new Sunderland Albion club. The clubs subsequently competed until the dissolution of Sunderland Albion in 1892.

Since the departure of James, Tom Watson took over the leadership in August 1889, and did everything to get the club into the Football League. He succeeded even more, the founder of the league, William McCregre, called Sunderland the “Team of All Talents”. They score 42 points and win the championship.

Doncaster Roversand confrontation with Barnsley and Bristol Rovers

Doncaster Rovers is an English football club. It was founded in September 1879. The team received two nicknames – “Rovers” and “Vikings.” Home team matches are held at the Klipmoat Stadium which has a capacity of 15,231 spectators. In the 2005/06 season, Doncaster Rovers won the Premier League clubs such as Manchester City and Aston Villa twice in the Football League Cup, and lost to Arsenal in the quarter finals.Their sponsor is charged thatDoncaster Rovers has the nickname Vikings. The fact is that Rover offered to put their symbol on the club’s emblem, for which, of course, monetary compensation was promised. Soon the Viking from the emblem disappeared, and the nickname remained.

Currently, the Doncaster Rovers football club is changing generations, because at the end of last season many veterans have already completed their careers, and now there are still players in the team who are in adulthood, so it’s difficult for them to play on tight schedules. Yes, the guests have been strengthened by many young players, but they are still gaining experience. Because of such a reshuffle, the Doncaster Rovers football club this season is not particularly pleased with the results, occupying only the sixth line of the tournament table, although previously the team had been constantly fighting for the champion title. Every month the guests get to get in shape, achieving better interaction between the players, but still Doncaster Rovers can’t yet show the level that was seen last year. In the last round, the team in their field suffered a defeat with a score of 0-3, and before that there was a series of three draws in a row. The main goalkeeper is serving a disqualification for removal in the previous game, and the left-back can miss the game due to minor damage.

History of personal meetings

Judging by the friendly matches of the off-season, as well as the first rounds of the championship, the Barnsley team and the Doncaster Rovers team are entering the new season without any problems, so the more interesting will be the confrontation of these football clubs. The active work of the scouts allowed the clubs to attract new players to their ranks, most of whom are recognized professionals. So, now at the disposal of the managers of the Barnsley team and the Doncaster Rovers team there is an excellent selection of performers in all key positions, so the teams can count on a successful season, which should not be overshadowed by even the injuries of the leaders, because they have full-fledged changers.

Last season, the matches of these teams were held at a high pace, and managers actively used the flanks to create threats at the opponents’ goal. In addition, there are enough players in both teams with good long-range shots. All this suggests that today both clubs must act as an asset at the opponents’ goal, as this will allow us to celebrate the success of the match. But even this is not the main thing, now, when the new season is just beginning, it is important to take the lead in the championship, so that in the next rounds we can only strengthen our positions, building up the backlog of competitors. At the helm of both teams are experienced managers who have more than one season behind them, spent at the highest level. These coaches know how important a good start is, and therefore they will do everything to win in one or another match.

Rochdale AFC

“Magic is happening in the FA Cup. This is a very special competition. There is always a big motivation here,” Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettinosaid after that draw.

Of course, in that game, the owners were helped by their own lawn, which only the lazy did not complain about after the game. However, the conditions are the same for everyone, and thanks only to their utmost motivation, the “Dale” were able to fight against the team from the Premier League on equal terms.

Now let’s get a little into the history of this team. The club was founded in 1907 (now it is 111 years old). Local football fans in the very 1907 decided to establish a football team, because the city needed a team without loud stars, but with a twinkle in their eyes. Unlike the more eminent clubs, which by all means convene people into the stands, Rochdale cannot exist without them in principle. After all, without fans, “Dale” would not have stretched the season. The history of the team remembers a long series without victories, and the “blue-blacks” are considered to be a club that always plays in the cellars of English football. “We are based seventeen miles from the biggest club in the world and thirteen from the richest. But who said that we are doomed? ”Says current club sales manager Ian Johnston.

Since 1921, the team wanders between the third and fourth league, playing only a few seasons in the third division, in which they play at the moment. And local fans hope that the curse of the fourth division has bypassed them.If Rochdale cannot brag about sports results, then he has good PR. “We work a lot to attract fans to the stadium. Now there is a danger of a sofa generation of football fans who have never really gone to live football. Children run in T-shirts of “Arsenal” and “Manchester United” because they are shown on TV. Rochdale fans are ready to return to Spotland – this is the main result of our work. I personally know about five hundred fans, meet them in the city, shake hands, chat with them,”one of the club leaderssays.


It seems that the Barnsley football club has risen too early in the top division, as the team was not fully ready for such a high level. In the summer, the management signed only one newcomer, but this player has also not played in the league before, and the rest of the players simply lose to their opponents, which is why the series of defeats for the hosts amounts to eleven meetings. Four rounds ago, the president decided to influence the results with the help of the coaching resignation, but so far this has not yielded any changes, as Barnsley’s football club continues to lose. There are no victories in the team’s assets this season yet, and a twelve-point gap from the saving place shows that the owners can no longer fight for survival, since it is almost impossible to maintain registration in the national elite. In addition, the main goalkeeper and right midfielder will not be able to help the underdog in this meeting.

Logos of sports clubs: what is special about team AFC Wimbledon, Blackpool FC and others?

For the teams of the English First League, their logos are more important. The emblems of sports teams are very diverse. Consider a few basic groups into which logos can be divided according to the nature of the image.

Sports logos in the form of a shield

In far-distant times, this or that team at competitions represented the interests of the city from which the players came: tradition to take the emblem of the locality as the basis for the emblem came from there. And now the oldest clubs maintain this tradition. But many young teams want to emphasize their desire to be on a par with the oldest clubs with a rich history – hence the new emblems. Sometimes such a logo is a coat of arms traced to the smallest detail. In this case, he either repeats the coat of arms of the place where the club is from, or is built in accordance with the oldest rules of heraldry. Such emblems are most often found in football clubs, but also come across in other sports, albeit rarely. However, the shield emblem is not always the emblem. Sometimes it’s just a pair of symbols, a club name, club colors, a country indication, or drawn sports equipment. Shields figured, triangular, of different forms can be found in all sports. Perhaps it is rightfully the most popular form for a sports emblem.

Sports logos in the shape of a circle

The ideal figure – a circle – is great for emblems. In sport, it is used frequently. Perhaps, it is most popular in martial arts: apparently, the eastern philosophy of harmony is having an effect. But the familiar to us football is not far behind! There are, incidentally, shields in the shape of a circle.The emblem in the form of a circle depicts the name of the team – often in a circle – and recognizable symbols. The emblem in the form of a circle has an interesting variety: the emblem, which itself is not enclosed in a clear outline, but its elements are arranged in such a way that they form a figure. Also interesting are the emblems in the form of a circle, in which one or another part of the internal image stands behind the contour. This creates great character courage and attracts the attention of fans, focusing on important parts of the logo.

Sport logosin form of diamond

Of course, the emblems are in the form of any geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, ovals, triangles. But of the remaining figures, the most popular is the rhombus. Or maybe the diamond just looks neat and harmonious.

Sports logos with animals

Quite interesting are those sports emblems, which depict animals. This may be a reference to the coat of arms of the area, and may be a symbol of certain properties. Most noble heraldic animals are used: lions and tigers, eagles and horses, bulls and cheetahs. They symbolize strength, speed and nobility. But sometimes on the emblems there are unexpected animals. They are associated with the locality from which the club originated, and sometimes with the activities of the founder. We have to admit that in football, emblems with animals are rare. But in England – this is their kingdom! Moreover animal is already the emblem, it is not necessary to supplement it with the name of the team! Many famous clubs will be recognized by their symbol!

Sports logos with historical data

Sometimes the emblem of the team keeps the whole story. Sometimes these are references to specific historical figures, and sometimes a reminder of the history of the area where the team is from.

England Youth Cup

The Football Association Youth Challenge was founded in 1952. The purpose of the tournament was the emergence of a platform (with a game of departure) for young players, which would allow them to overcome the difference between young and adult football. Youth Cup was the successor to F.A. County Youth Challenge Cup Competition. The latter was first held at the end of the Second World War, and then, was held every year. The first winner was “Staffordshire”, which in the 1945 final won “Wiltshire” – 3-2. Although the tournament is an excellent platform for young football players, it is not as attractive as F.A. Youth Cup. The popularity of the tournament is easy to explain – it is mainly clubs that have a stable fan base. Teams participating in the County Youth Club do not generally have this advantage. In addition, since clubs participating in the Premier League, Football League (now Sky Bet) participate, the Youth Cup is more actively covered by the media. Unfortunately, a modern fan from the conditional Southampton is not aware of the progress of Hampshire or the lack of it.

The County Cup Finals were held in two matches from 1945 to 1960. Two-legged standoffs in those years were very unusual. An important detail, until the advent of F.A. Cup – Сounty was unprofitable tournament. So, despite the fact that the County Cup has proven itself, many local youth cups subsequently arose, and from 1952 F.A. Youth Cup became the main standard bearer of youth football in England and Wales.

In the modern world, the most popular team game is football. They invented the game in the UK, but the exact date and place of appearance can’t be named – which indicates the ancient roots of this sport. The English Premier League remains one of the most significant events of world football. Teams like Luton Town FC, Burton Albion, Coventry City, Charlton Athletics, Oxford United, Southend United, Accrington Stanley, ScunthorpeUnited, WalsallFC and many others are known all over the world to every football fan.

EFL League One